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Don’t do anything.


Have you listened to your Soul lately?

Can you hear the wisdom of your Heart?

In a World full of noises we often don’t listen to the most important voice:

Our inner voice.

Our Soul’s guidance.

Our Heart’s wisdom.

It is different to all the other voices and noises in the World.

It is not screaming.

It is not making a lot of noise.

It is whispering.

It awaits you to listen.

It won’t convince you to anything.

It is just there.

Waiting for you to listen.

1:1 Soul-Date

Ready for a Soul-Date?

I will get guided
by your Soul to 
find your next step

To heal.

To find inner peace.

To free yourself.


Monthly Plan

Happy to serve you more than one time.

Together we will find the perfect plan for you.


Made for you. From your Soul. 

With my help.

Book your Free Discovery Call 
(20 minutes)






don’t know yet.



Giving space.


“Wow. Thanks to your coaching I had a big Break-Through and my Business speeded up.”
-Nicole, Coach


“Thanks to your coaching I can finally distinguish what a decision from my true inner self (soul) and my rational mind feels like.”
-Jenny, Voice-Coach

“Wow. You finally brought me to a healing place where years of therapy never got me. Thank you.” – Petra

Peter, Researcher & Scientist, UK
"I am still processing my session and have to say my work has moved up a notch. Yesterday I was interviewed for a podcast!“
Christiene, Ceremonialist, USA
“Thank you beautiful Gabriele for your presence, love, and deep listening. Your divine feminine path and devotion is a gift and I’ve felt naturally inspired to soften, to further unfold layers of my destiny with authentic alchemy in your holding. I also love your sweet, intelligent nature, shared giggles and innocence, all of which call forth, reflect and enhance my own. I feel so blessed and grateful for you, our sisterhood and sacred work together!”
Tobias, Digital Advisor, Germany
"Gabriele's coaching package has been an invaluable journey over the duration of three months, especially recommended for men aiming to overcome emotional barriers, make peace with their history, and build a bright future. I was honored to be part of this transformative experience, and the value derived from it is immeasurable. Her expertise and guidance have been enlighting, fostering personal growth and empowerment. Highly recommend for those seeking lasting positive change."
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You can contact me here:


In my Coaching we look together what is the next step for yourself.

I already worked with people from the different areas of life
and from different countries.

The most important thing is to be open to what wants to show up. It is not always what our mind thinks it is.

I share my spiritual gifts with you as well as my scientific knowledge. Sometimes our life circumstances are not so easy and
it is not always our fault. Still we have to process what is happening at the moment to be able to move forward.

Feeling our emotions is the most important step wether you want to succeed in your personal life or business life.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.



dare to feel