Dr. Gabriele Maria Sigg

dare to feel

Philosopher & Sociologist


My work is based on 15 years of research in Philosophy, Sociology and Cultural Sciences. For my Ph.D.-work I did 8 years of research in Turkey, mainly Istanbul. Additionally, I have a lot of long-term experience in different countries like Spain, Greece, Costa Rica, Mexico, New Zealand and many other places. 


I bring a fresh and sometimes challenging perspective on current cultural and global issues. My thinking and feeling is inspired by ancient greek philosophical teachings (Plato, Aristotle) as well as the German poets and thinkers (Schiller, Goethe, Simmel, Arendt e.g.), which I translate into a language that everyone can understand.


In addition to the Eastern Spiritual Teachings, that are spread all over the World nowadays, my specialty is bringing back to live the Treasures of our forgotten European Spiritual Heritage (Ancient Greek Philosophy) for a Modern Daily Life and to solve problems of modern life by overcoming the main of all problems: The Polarization of the World.


I am a feminine Scientist, a heartful Intellectual. I feel and think. I combine the seemingly contradictories. I cultivate heart qualities to live a fulfilled live.

Feminine Science, Spiritual Sociology, Emotional Education, European Spirituality


Inside and Outside Beauty

I love fashion and I love colors. Always. As a teenager, I once considered becoming a designer, but I decided to study philosophy and sociology. – What I have never regretted, because as much as I still love clothes and colors and make-up and design, it is the beauty of the soul that primarily needs to be cultivated.

You can see beautiful people, they shine from within and I love to bring out this inner beauty. And I will continue to adorn myself with beautiful clothes because I love it – and who knows, maybe one day I will be able to realize my old childhood dream of a soul designer inside and out …



My Mission is to help Humanity to strive.

To build Communities and Societies out of our Heart & Soul.

Free from Karma and Generational Trauma.

With new Education Systems.

With new Knowledge.

Love, Freedom and Justice (Honor) may rule the World.


Painting: “Golden-Lotus-Gate”, Ikaria, Greece 2021, Gabriele Maria Sigg

dare to feel