Dr. Gabriele Maria Sigg



Is there a way to the feminine spirit? 

What has a woman to achieve to be free? 

What is a woman’s most beautiful gift to the world? 

Has feminism yet understood it all?

A journey towards the deepest layers of your soul. 

A secret to your hidden feminine temple. 

A story between the seen and the unseen worlds.

A story about the hidden gifts your soul wants to give you.

A test, if you are brave enough to step find them.

Where are the keys to your soul?

Are you ready to find them?

Will be released in Divine Timing


Emotional Education. The forgotten side of the education debate. (German)

Freedom is a central value of our contemporary society. However, this concept of freedom mostly refers to external freedom, i.e. to framework conditions or structures that are supposed to make freedom possible.

Inner freedom is strongly connected to our emotions and feelings, which in turn are shaped by primary and secondary socialization. We often repeat the roles of parents, teachers or behave according to other social role expectations. The education and cultivation of the uniqueness of human beings and their individual inner freedom require a reinterpretation in the education debate.

The Enlightenment already made the mistake of believing that if it eliminated repressive individuals or structures, human beings would naturally be free. However, this is a delusion. Inner freedom must be continuously cultivated if the society we live in is to be a free one. 

Consequently, emotional education must be practized at the different levels of the education and training system in an age-appropriate manner. 

Honor and Algorithm. Freedom and Self-Responsibility in the Digital World. (German)

When slogans like “greed is cool” describe the reality of a society, it is to be feared that not only the view of the whole and of the well-being of all is lost sight of, but also the humanity of the individual is damaged.

Dr Gabriele M. Sigg’s passionate plea for the EHRE is a wake-up call to the digital society that being human is more – far more – than just profit maximization, ruthless striving for success and the reduction of the individual personality to data and algorithmic analyses.

Without the revival of a sense of honor that is active in all life situations, a harmonious coexistence of people based on compassion cannot function. 
A wake-up call at the right time that puts the importance of VALUES back at the centre of human life. A call to recognize and respect the dignity of each individual anew!

Honor revisited. The attitude of one’s character as the foundation of society. (German)

The Turkish concept of honor has so far been predominantly located in the field of traditional role concepts of women and men. Gabriele Sigg frees the concept of honor from this patriarchal power context and thus makes it fruitful for modern societies.

Using the example of the honor of trade in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, the change in character structure from a pre-modern to a modern society is explained. The necessity of the honorable merchant for a functioning society becomes clear. The remnants of an institutionalized sense of honor are elicited from the Grand Bazaar in order to outline possibilities for character formation in the modern age.

The study of honor and character formation exposes the category error of modern Western societies, namely to determine abstract systems and procedures alone as the primary guarantor of a just society. The author highlights the centrality of character attitude as the causal mechanism behind objective structures.




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