Dr. Gabriele Maria Sigg


  • Masculine and feminine (gender, sex, men, women and heart qualities)
  • Why do we learn thinking at school, but not feeling? 
  • Why it is not all men’s fault (The overlooked toxic feminine shadow)
  • Why Women are not only victims
  • Emotional Pollution (How our emotions pollute nature)
  • Why love won’t cure everything
  • Why more laws won’t bring more justice (The masculine heart)
  • Masculine & feminine cultures (Bridging East and West)
  • The beauty of the feminine Turkish culture
  • “If you betray somebody else, you will lose yourself” (The traditional Turkish bazaar merchants & the honor heart quality)
  • How Turkish men relate to their emotions – and what Western men could learn from them 
  • Body language in different cultures (My experience in Germany and Turkey)
  • Unwanted Emotions you shouldn’t feel ashamed about

Success means to follow your Soul

Balancing the masculine and the feminine

My work is based on 15 years of research in Philosophy, Sociology and Cultural Sciences. For my Ph.D.-work I did 8 years of research in Turkey, mainly Istanbul. Additionally, I have a lot of long-term experience in different countries like Spain, Greece, Costa Rica, Mexico, New Zealand. 

I bring a fresh and sometimes challenging perspective on current cultural and global issues. My thinking and feeling is inspired by ancient greek philosophical teachings (Plato, Aristotle) as well as the German poets and thinkers (Schiller, Goethe, Simmel, Arendt e.g.), which I translate into a language that everyone can understand.

In addition to the Eastern Spiritual Teachings, that are spread all over the World nowadays, my specialty is bringing back to live the Treasures of our forgotten European Spiritual Heritage (Ancient Greek Philosophy) for a Modern Daily Life and to solve problems of modern life by overcoming the main of all problems: The Polarization of the World.

My work could be summarized as “Spiritual Sociology”. I am a Heartful Intellectual that tries to move your Heart.

I am looking very much forward to write an article for you and translate my knowledge to the needs and interests of your audience.

Contact: gabriele.sigg@emotional-education.org